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Tian Yi Moxibustion

Tianyi Moxibustion
— Abide by inheritance, carry the classics

There is a couplet on the door of Tongrentang, a century-old pharmacy in ancient times: "Although the processing is complicated, you must not save labor, and the taste is expensive, but you must not reduce material resources."

Today, there is a belief in the hearts of the cultural inheritors of Tianyi Zhenrutang, a brand medical center: "Abiding by inheritance and only making classics."

How Moxibustion Works

The moxibustion practitioner seeks the same Qi as the heaven and the earth, and resonates with the same frequency as the moxibustion recipient, so the moxibustion effect is extraordinary and magical.

Manual Operation Tailor-made

Everyone's constitution is different, and their skin and acupuncture points have different tolerances to moxa fire. When it is necessary to select delicate acupuncture points on the hands, feet, head and face, joints, private parts, etc., only manual moxibustion can be operated flexibly, and it changes every 15 days according to the season. The opening of acupuncture points is so authentic that moxibustion cannot be performed without manual moxibustion.

Need To Select Acupoints

Mingmen, Zhongwan, Guanyuan, etc. can be heavily moxibustion but still need to be assigned acupoints. Moxibustion is not simply baking a fire, but selecting acupoints like arranging troops. The selection of individual Tianling points, twenty-four solar terms opening acupoints and special effect acupoints is very particular, and the safety and efficacy are fully demonstrated.

Linghuo Moxibustion Is Unique

Use a negative pressure cloth to directly apply moxibustion on the acupuncture points. The damp and cold air is sucked out, clearing and tonifying at the same time, and the body quickly reaches balance. It is effective for pain and cold and dampness at one time. Moxibustion can be applied to the hair on the head and face, which is convenient, safe and effective. Significantly.

Opening points

According to the solar terms, moxibustion is performed on the special points on the seasonal meridians, which can not only stimulate the body's self-healing ability and enhance the effect of moxibustion, but also act like a sealed cup with the lid removed. The cold and damp evil spirits in the body can be discharged from the body surface through these points. , while clearing and replenishing, there will be no disease-qi indiscriminate movement, deficiency of fire and inflammation.

Heaven and man are one

Human beings in the world are in the same breath as the natural energy of the universe, and the moxibustion practitioner, the moxibustion recipient, and the moxa fire are one and the same, so the moxibustion effect is extraordinary and magical. The ritual sense of heart energy during moxibustion activates the connection and blessing of nature's energy, getting twice the result with half the effort. The effect of moxibustion is visible and lasts for many days.

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