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​The Stroy Of Tian Yi 

Tianyi is currently the largest traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Greater Vancouver and the exclusive North American agent of the famous Tianyi Time and Space Medicine. It integrates intensive medical treatment, special health care, course training, and cultural inheritance, from expert consultation, pulse diagnosis, and inspection, bone setting, chiropractic, scraping and cupping, acupuncture and moxibustion, traditional Chinese medicine, medicated diet, guidance to tailor-made health plans—harmony of mind and body. Acute and chronic sports injuries, postpartum rehabilitation, and Tianyi moxibustion are special projects, and ICBC and various company insurances are accepted. The comfortable environment, professional technology, and thoughtful service will help you enjoy your time in peace.

Our vision

"Thousands of years of inheritance are only for the unique you!"

This is not only a heart-warming slogan, but also has two meanings: Chinese medicine is the wisdom and experience inherited from classics, the rule are eternal and the methods are relatively standardizable. At the same time, everyone is born with different genetic genes, different talents, and different five-element energy at birth. They are unique in body, mind, and soul. The growth process is also personalized and requires precise customization.

Our Space

In Tianyi, with an indoor area of nearly 6,000 square feet, a clean, bright, and transparent venue, the energy field is high-frequency and pure, and staying there is welfare; seemingly the same health care program, the doctor's temperament, willingness, and method use are all combined The ability and the quality of the guests are extraordinary, and it is indeed noble and mutual nourishment.
Tianyi regularly holds public lectures on Chinese culture and family health care, training courses, health salons, guqin, calligraphy, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, incense ceremony, cultural appreciation, Tai Chi, parent-child and other series of activities. With a relaxing and comfortable experience like home, it is the best choice for members to study, exercise, share, get together, and self-management.

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