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Our Successful Medical Cases

We make sure to deliver good customer service to our clients. Please kindly rate us, and share your experiences with us. If there is anything we can improve, please don't hesitate to email us at TIANYISHIKONG@GMAIL.COM

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Patrick Canales

I was experiencing upper back issues; mainly untreated knots. It was an amazing FIRST experience with these great professionals. The two medical professionals, Wendy & Cyrus, provided so much relief and care. The hospitality was 11/10. I am a patient for life. Completely changed my outlook on my future health care. Absolutely blown away with the care & knowledge of their team! I will be back very soon!

Queeny Lu

The treatment in Tian Yi Health Center is very professional and calming. It has a unique cultural characteristic and a pleasant atmosphere.

Robert Wong

It was my first visit to Tian Yi Health Centre. I’ve had lower back pain for at least 7 months. I’ve been to a chiropractor a few times and he couldn’t fix the pain. Cyrus took my pulse, put needles in my lower back and 4 hours later, I’m not living a life in pain. I’ve booked a follow up appointment for next week. Thank you for helping me get rid of my pain.

Edmond Lee

I had a head facial acupuncture and lymphatic massage by Wendy WU and her sister (i think Cyrus WU). After the above treatments, my brain fog, headache and constant fatigue gone. Really appreciate their help, will go back weekly to maintain my health.

Carmen Gao

Good environment!!! Every event and activities are so interesting, funny and meaningful! Very good for physical and mental healing!!

Jasmine Wang

Tian Yi health care center with cultural characteristics. The taste and atmosphere inside are very comfortable and pleasant. The moxibustion treatment warms the body. The massage therapist is very skilled and gentle. He also told me what food I should eat more for my back pain . A very pleasant course of treatment, it is a good choice to do a health moxibustion in cold winter

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